How to start my own online business!

Internet and technology made it possible practically to anyone to start his/her own online business. Endless opportunities, but the vast majority of  people cannot benefit from it, due to lack of finances or knowledge.

We in Dreamers believe that everyone should be able to benefit from the online opportunities, not selected few!.

We decided to find a way to unlock these opportunities to everyone. We created business model supported by powerful technology, assembled team of international professional advisors, created network of businesses, for the people that do not have money or knowledge to benefit from the online opportunities. 

E - Commerce

Powerful e-commerce solution to start your online shop. Whether it is products or services we can provide solution.

Inventory, rates management, special offers, multi image per product, integrated online and offline sales modules.  

If you do not have your own products or partners, we can help you with products to start, through our innovative business model and business partners network. 

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Odoo • Image and Text

Digital Travel & Tourism 
Our innovative model and partners network made it possible to everyone who would like to profit from this lucrative industry. We offer opportunity to everyone who would like to benefit from the T&T industry. No industry knowledge required.


        Of course it will be better if you have your own company through which to run your business. This will give you more opportunities and flexibility. However, you can still have your own online business without a registered business entity. 

        It depends on:
        1. You have registered business entity and products to sell
        2. You have registered business entity but do not products and partners to start your online business
        3. You do not have registered business entity, no products or partners to start your online business
        Upon contacting us with your information, we shall offer to you solution in accordance to the model you would like to use and time-frame to ready your online business for launching.