How to turn an idea into success story?

We all have read the stories of the successful digital entrepreneurs and how from great idea and a start-up in a garage, the new internet giant is born. Stories of business and financial success... These stories are fascinating and inspire lots of people to try their luck in the digital entrepreneurship. What these stories do not say is; what is needed and what it takes to turn your innovative idea into a success story. To succeed you will need a lot more than just a brilliant idea!

We can help you prepare what is needed to start your idea, and increase your chances of success!

1. How to protect my idea?

This is the first thing every entrepreneur is worried about! But it is inevitable - in order to realize your idea, you have to shared it with other people. You cannot realize a sizeable business project alone! So, how do I tell other people but at the same time to minimize the risk someone to steal my idea?

The only way to protect your idea, is to create a document called: Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).  Every person you share your idea with, must sign this NDA.

We can create NDA for you.
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2. Define and challenge the idea

Not every idea has the potential to be world game changer. Therefore the idea needs to be defined, must be challenged and scrutinized by other people (best to be professionals). Formulation of; what market needs or problem your idea is solving, what is the market potential, and proof of concept will determine whether it is an idea worthy to invest in it, time, efforts and money or not.
We can help you do all the above - no need to waste, time and money in idea doomed from the beginning to fail!

3. From idea to a business plan

When your idea has been challenged and market potential identified, then in must be converted into; defined business model, product definition, detailed financial parameters,  operational and marketing plan.

No investor will invest in your business without detailed business plan!

We can help you build credible and executable business plan.
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4. Assemble a balanced team

Regardless how good your idea is, the success or failure of the idea will be decided by your team. Therefor the quality of your  team is of  utmost importance! A balanced team is crucial to success, as it means: Varied perspectives, Company culture, Synergy, Defined Responsibilities and Investors love balanced teams.   

We can help you with identifying your weak spots, find and assess potential candidates, create company structure and define responsibilities.

5. Create a Pitch deck

The pitch deck is an essential tool in the process of raising funding for your project, finding partners or assemble your team. It is a brief presentation of your business plan.  The pitch deck is of utmost importance - investors do not want to listen to lengthy presentations. Normally you have up to 5 minutes to impress an investor to invest in your project.

We can help you create your pitch deck and teach you to present it.

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5. Building a prototype

Building a prototype of your product is an important step in the start up process and raising finances for your project. The prototype is build not to validate your idea, but to convince external investors in its functionality, to carry practical testings with potential users and receive valuable feed back. A functional prototype of your product, will also help you to sell your equity to investors at a better rate.
We can build a prototype of your product on the platform we operate, but  if our platform cannot support it, then we shall help you find a supplier to build your prototype.


Neither of both. Dreamers co. isn't startup accelerator. As a model, Dreamers could be viewed closer to incubator, but not exactly one. Dreamers is online international network of experienced entrepreneurs, business consultants & advisers, businessmen,  professionals from various areas, investors and digital solution providers, established to help entrepreneurs at the very early stages of concept development.

The purpose of Dreamers is to help individual entrepreneurs in the earliest stage of idea definitions, determine its potential, and through practical help and mentoring by the Dreamers network of consultants, to convert the idea to structured business concepts, set of documents needed, and where possible build protoype, thus increasng the chances of success in the next stage - applying to accelerators, or presenting the concept  for financing infront of angel invetors.
However, not every idea has the potential of being the next World game changer, but nevertheless the idea could have the protential to operate as a reasonable size business. In these cases Dreamers network of solution providers can support the start of the business.

You have to contact us via email. With our reply to you we shall outline the next steps of the process.

Please DO NOT SEND us any material that you believe is confidential or proprietary, or for which you expect to receive consideration or compensation in any form. Please see the Terms of use of our website.

If the team of consultants assigned to valuate your idea establish the idea has the potential of being considered by investors for financing, the idea will go through the process of being prepared for presenting in front of potential investors.

If the idea does not have the potential to be considered for financing by investors, but still holds the potential to be developed to a reasonable size business, Dreamers will support the entrepreneur with its own technology solutions to start his own online business.

Not every idea has the potential to be developed as a working business model. These ideas are rejected bu the Dreamers team evaluating the submitted ideas.