Business digitization? Yes, it is time to digitize your business and become part of the global network. This is the only way to stay on top of your business and make it successful. The market is changing by the minute, and so are the opportunities. The faster, and the flexible you are, the more chances to win over your competitors. Business digitization will help you to monitor your business real time, and make informed decisions even when you are away from your office. It will save you money, help you compete effectively, utilize opportunities and much, much more.

We can provide complete all-in-one solution to digitize your business! 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Single system to manage your business. The ERP applications allow the different departments to communicate and share information in real time with the rest of the company. It collects information about the activity and state of different divisions, making this information available to other parts, where it can be used productively.

The system is also accessible remotely through PCs & mobile devices, thus allowing managers to stay on top the  business, when they are on the go, as while they are in the office.

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Finance & Accounting Management

The accounting module is an integrated part of the ERP system.  Whether it is online or offline sales, invoicing, operations costs or employee expenses, all managed through one place. Automated invoicing and emailed to customers,

One place to manage your accounts.

Online & Offline sales Management

Synchronized module with the website and inventory for sales online, with POS module for off line sales.
Integrated sales funnel system for targeting and utilize sales opportunities, reporting system with real time feeds.
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Human Resources Management

Another integrated part of your ERP system. Employee records management, payroll management, attendance management, task management and performance evaluations.

Module for internal communication integrated with the ERP.

Production & Materials Management

Usually this is a separate module through which you can manage you inventory, supplies and purchases. Synchronized with POS and Company website. Manage quantities, multi warehouses management, tract product movements and location. Track delivery to customers.
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Customer Relations Management - CRM

Customers database, individual profile for each customers, customer management based on customer behavior and preferences. Integrated mass-mailing system, newsletter feeds, forums, and real time chat channel.   

ERP synchronized Company Website

Your company website no longer will be  like an additional body to your business and to maintain it will not require skilled IT professional and efforts. The website will be integrated part of your company business activities. Accounting, Sales & Marketing Company Managers will receive real time key information like generated sales, visits & conversion rates.
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Partnership Management

Individual profile for each partner, performance indicators, synchronized with the accounting module, inventory module, rates management.


No, you do not have to implement all modules. You can start with the modules you need most and on a later stage to complete digitization of your business with the rest of the modules

The implementation time varies from a business to business. The time for implementation depends on the number of modules you implement, employees computer skills and focus to complete the process. An estimated time for completing the transition of your business from pen & paper will be given with the project plan prepared by our consultants, after assessment of your business.    

1. Establishing the business digitization needs by Dreamers consults team

2. Assemble team from company employees for the digitization project

3. Create detailed project plan with concrete milestones 

4. Installing the modules

5. Modules functionalities training sessions for the company emplоyees